Great Bike Ride Result レース結果報告

Here is the results of the race Kimi and I did last Sunday.

Race Facts

2008 Great Bike Ride (106km)

704 Participants
(612 goaled /92 withdrew)

2:31:05 Fastest time
42.1kph Fastest Average Speed


Rank: 479
Avg Speed: 30.4kph
Time: 3:29:43


Rank: 529
Avg Speed: 28.4kph
Time: 3:43:57

2008 GBR Result.pdf

Great result, huh?


Too great, man!

There was a bike race, the Great Bike Ride, today. It was my first time to join an official rode race. To be honest, the race didn't start with good fun but with totally unexpected and bitter experience.

As soon as the race started, I felt that the back rim is hitting the ground.


Can you believe that I've got the first puncture of the race? I blamed my destiny.
I had to replace the tube and pump it up while almost all riders were a passing through next to me. People are watching me saying like "oh, poor boy". I really wanted to cry.

By the time I get my flat tyre repaired, there was no one around me. I was the bottom.

It wasn't only unlucky occasion on the race, there was another one coming at the beginning of the second lap. I was pretty much catching up with group ahead and riding in the group of a cycling club. They go with a good average of around 35 ish. I just tried to move on to the next group so over took the group and try to go further.

But, the destiny didn't allow me to do so. I felt my front rim hitting the ground next.

Gosh.Oh my goodness.....

"Again" I thought and sadly there was no spare tube left. So I had to go with flat tyre for the rest of around 50km. I pumped up the front tyre every 5-10 km besides there was full of people on the rode. They were really slow and shut the rode.

But at least I finished the race which was a good thing. It was a challenging for me in many ways and learned a lot from the race like. I'll definitely do this race again next year and will carry a box of tube. The result will be announce tomorrow on the web page of the race.

I will put the result here tomorrow.



The race is on tomorrow, put oil on chains, cleaned chains and gears and had some beer. things are all done just hope its not gonna rain.

Me and my bikeKimi and his bike

The result will be come up tomorrow...



I did 7 laps of the great bike ride (1 lap: 53km) this week and I found that cycling is very fun!

But the problem is that the some portion of physical fatigue from the previous day reminds on the next day, so eventually the speed is getting slower day by day. By the end of this week the time was more than 15 minuets longer than the fastest one recorded on Monday. I think I'm getting old, no no ... becoming more mature, good. So I feel like I have to keep up my physical recovering speed. (now I don't know what I'm talking about.......)

and another thing is since I was riding bike too much, my bike chain broke. and something wrong with my bike computer it recorded a max speed of 130.53 sometime yesterday and now it is out of order.

woo, technology is mysterious

Well, I'm writing too much about myself today. Let me stop something here.

If you want to do a picnic ride around the swan river tomorrow, come along to the bell tower at 12.00. I'll take care of ya!

Does anyone

want to have an EASY Swan ride tomorrow before the Sunday Fix? (Starting at 12.00 ish)


Monday Swan Ride

There is the Monday Swan Ride as usual.

We will meet up at the Bell Tower, Perth at 4.45pm and start at 5.00 sharp.

Ride Information:
Distance: 53km
Average speed: 25-27km/h ish
The route:

*we might grab some pints after the ride.

Don't miss it! It will be a great chance for you to get rid of hangover from the weekend and the Monday depression.

Any question? Leave comments or txt me!

I did this ride this morning and FINALLY reached over the average of 30km/h YAY!

Here is the result:
(09 November 2008)

Distance: 53km
Time: 1:40:41
Avg. Speed: 31.29km/h

Getting better, isn't it?


Please Welcome

The world is in a fairly good mood since the new favourble president is elected.
Here is one more good news for you.
My mate, Kimi is scheduled to arrive in Perth this coming Sunday mornig from Kyoto, Japan via Indonesia.
He will catch up with us on the Sunday fix either this week or next week on my Beanchi.
It will be his first time to touch the ground of the land down under.


Please warmly welcome our new mate with our great pints and pizza.


Mock Great Bike Ride

It's been 2 days though, with Prawza and his friend Alex, there was a ride on Monday at 5.oopm to try the course of the Great Bike Ride. Trying the route gave me a great idea of the race.

We'll do this next Monday as well no matter what the weathers are, so come along and have a great fitness madness. We meet at the bell tower (Green one) at 4.45 and start at 5.00. The ride will be reasonably relaxed with some occasional sprinting. Fixies and rodies are warmly welcome.
I officially registered myself for the Great Bike Ride. Maybe this race is going to end up with either having good fun or having a serious injury. Well, you'll see.

I feel like being artistic today so I made some graphic designs, which anyone could think of.

1. I love fixie

2. I love classic fixie

3. I love brakeless fixie

Oh I just remembered that I bought a pair of clipless pedals and shoes (Shimano SPD SLI) at Ideal Cycle. I still feel bit wired and I fall once already and hurt my left ankle but I hope these stuff make my ride a bit faster.

good night


日本全国町おこし / Japan Cycle Crossing

Why not introduce you my second blog which officially terminated last year.

This blog was for the 49day bicycle trip of the full length of Japan with my mate, Sanbo. You can see the days I spent during the trip with photos.

Travelling is something I can't live without it. Particularly on bike, it makes me feel high!

What I really like about travelling is probably that I can forget about the complicated realities, once a trip is kicked off, my main concern of a day would be very simple: what to eat, where to sleep, and how much I can go today. That's it. I am no longer need to be anxious about exams, annoying studies, works, and all administrative stuff. It sounds like escaping from the real world but It does make me feel much alive and encountering incredibly beautiful sceneries and landscapes take my breath away and different people with divers background give me many fantastic ideas of life and possibilities.

At the northern top point of Japan, Cape Soya

I hope you enjoy reading the blog and I certainly enjoy sharing my experience.


Red Bull Air Race

Perth turned into the most remarkable city in the globe today. Yes, probably you already know that the Red Bull Air Race Final was taken place in Perth.

Thousands of people gathered around the Swan River to share the most exciting and coolest moment.

Luckily, I grabbed a seat on the beach with a great view, and the weather was just perfect!

Even I didn't fully understand the rule of the Air Race, I could pretty much enjoy it with their amazing and unbelievable acrobatic performances, and its atmosphere, music and stages.

You can get the overall idea of the Red Bull Air Race on:
Red Bull Race World Series (You Tube)

Red Bull Air Race Final (Picasa)

New Skin Design

There is no dialy for today. Instead, I renewed the skin of this blog.